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Choose from over 1000+ functional lab markers – ordering is easy

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Easily order labs - no doctor needed


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Use one portal to order your tests. Search and select in seconds.


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Kits are drop shipped directly to you, along with instructions and phlebotomy information.


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You'll be notified when results are in. Results are sent with interpretation.


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Get to the root of complex health puzzles with the most advanced functional testing available.


High quality labs

Advanced Clinical Lab – Comprehensive selection of advanced protein and peptide testing performed in CLIA and CAP accredited Lab. Gold Standard of Accuracy for Nutrients and Toxins.


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You’ll find lab interpretation, free webinars, detailed clinical protocols and lifetime access to 18% off professional line supplements in your portal.

Choose From Our Popular Panels

Gut Health Test

The Gut Zoomer is an at-home stool test that measures 200+ markers. Offering insights into digestion, inflammation, parasites, pathogens, viruses, fungal and bacterial imbalances that can affect every system in your body.

Cortisol Hormone Test

The Adrenal Fatigue Panel is an at-home salivary test measuring all reproductive hormones that relate to stress, mood and sleep. Includes mapping your cortisol cycle throughout the day.

Leaky Gut Test

The Leaky Gut Panel is an at-home blood drop collection test measuring multiple antibodies which identify the presence and severity of intestinal permeability. Confirm if leaky gut is driving your symptoms and chronic disease, including autoimmune conditions.
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"Loved the convenience of doing a dried blood spot collection at home to test for leaky gut. Now that I know what I have, I can treat it directly. I’ve suffered from symptoms for years!"

Submitted by Sarah – Verified Buyer

"Really easy process of ordering labs."

Submitted by Terry – Verified Buyer

"I’ve been searching for answers over the last 6 months. My digestion was perfect my whole life, but all of a sudden I started burping and dealing with gas and loose stool daily. I ordered a stool panel and they found a lot of inflammation and a parasite. I followed the protocols and I’m 80% better. Still working through the protocol, but this has been life changing for me."

Submitted by Connie – Verified Buyer

"Very comprehensive test and fast results."

Submitted by David – Verified Buyer

"This test is so easy and a great value for the money. I highly recommend it."

Submitted by Steven – Verified Buyer

"Trying to diagnose myself because my doctors don’t want to order the tests that I want to order. They keep telling me that my bloodwork is fine. I feel anything but fine. The tests and instructions are easy to use and I have found ANSWERS!!!"

Submitted by Carmen – Verified Buyer
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High-Quality Results You Can Trust

All lab tests are performed in a CLIA certified laboratory.
Participates in third-party blinded validations.
Featured in peer-reviewed publications with internationally reputed institutions.
Accreditations: CLIA, CAP, NY, HIPPA, ISO-13485


Which test should I order?

To find the right test for you, take this short quiz to receive immediate recommendations. Or you can click through the tests that we offer and read through the descriptions.

Can I order via email?

No, all orders must be placed through our website.

How long does it take for my kit to arrive?

Once you place your order, you will receive a tracking email directly from Vibrant America. Please look for an email from support@vibrant-america.com. Kits should arrive within one weeks’ time.

If you have not received your kit, please contact Vibrant America directly at 1-866-364–0963 (please note, that Vibrant America will not offer advice on which kit to order, nor will they offer any medical advice or interpretation with your test results.

How long will it take to receive my findings?

From the day the sample arrives in our laboratory, it takes around 2-3 weeks until the findings are completed.

If you have not received your report after this deadline, please contact us at info@functionalmedicineshop.com. Please understand that we cannot speed up the processing of your sample.

How do I get my findings?

You will receive notification that your results are ready via email. You will be instructed to go to https://www.vibrant-america.com/patient-nav-portal to access your results.

Does my health insurance company cover my test?

Unfortunately, Functional Medicine Shop and Vibrant America is not contracted with any insurance companies right now. Since our tests don’t require an office visit, the end price is typically lower than out-of-pocket costs you would usually have with such office-lab tests.

Can I use my FSA or HSA card to order tests?

Our profiles are eligible for use with FSA/ HSA funds. Simply use your FSA/ HSA credit card and then submit your receipt to oversite (if they request it). A receipt will be emailed to you at the time of purchase. If you don’t see this, please look in your junk folder.

When do I need to return the samples to the lab?

Plan to collect early in the week and return your samples in the prepaid envelope within 24 hours of collection.