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  • When you look good on paper, but you still don't feel well. Specialty lab testing helps you find answers

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Leaky Gut Test

Leaky Gut Panel

Dealing with leaky gut symptoms, like bloating and food intolerance? Rest assured, a leaky gut test is one step away!

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Leaky Gut Panel

10 Week Leaky Gut Course

Learn to heal your GI tract from the top down

Follow our step by step approach to remove triggers, heal digestion, correct liver and gallbladder congestion and rebuild your gut FOR GOOD!

Program launches in September

Find the right Functional Medicine Labs to get to the root of your health condition

Food Sensitivies

Food Intolerance

Find out which foods are triggering your immune system and driving inflammation.



What is gut dysbiosis? It's an imbalance in the flora in your intestinal tract. Find out what's driving this.


Chronic Inflammation

Get to the root of your chronic fatigue by testing for environmental toxins, infections and contaminants that are driving your symptoms.

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