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Validated MCAS Questionnaire

The following is from Dr. Lawrence Afrin’s 2014 paper titled “A concise, practical guide to diagnostic assessment for mast cell activation disease”, remade with simplified wording. This questionnaire is for information purposes only and does not constitute an official diagnosis.

Please seek evaluation and care from an allergist, immunologist, or specialist who is well-versed in MCAS before partaking in any form of self-treatment.

Section 1: Symptoms

The first section is a list of self-reported symptoms.

The following are based on symptoms that occur either occasionally or continuously. Check All That Apply.

Section 2: Test and Imaging Findings

The last part of the questionnaire is a list of diagnosis criteria based off laboratory, surgical, or imaging results. If you scored over 14 in the first section (per symptoms only), testing may not be indicated.

Please keep in mind that testing in MCAS often results in "false negatives" because mast cells release substances that are often only testable for a short time - often just a few minutes - so testing usually has to occur during flares/symptoms.

The following are based off testing. As noted in the introduction, if your symptom score is >14, pursuing testing may not be recommended or needed.