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Angela Pifer – Functional Medicine Nutritionist, MS, LCN, CN, FMN

Angela is one of the nation’s foremost functional medicine nutrition and health experts, and an accomplished speaker and radio personality. Her 27 years in the health and fitness industry and the past 18 years as a Functional Medicine Nutritionist focusing in the areas of digestive health, functional gut disorders, thyroid, autoimmune and SIBO (small intestine bacterial overgrowth), have earned Angela, recognition as the go-to gut expert who can show even the most health challenged, how to restore their gut health and vitality.

Although she doesn’t look it she is 50! She knows how to heal the gut, and keep the both healthy, energetic and glowing.

Affectionately known to her patients as ‘SIBO Guru,’ within her private practice SIBO Guru she applies functional medicine and integrative functional nutrition into an evidence based approach along with clinical know-how to create an individualized approach for each patient.

In 2016 Angela founded Simply SIBO – a gut prescription subscription recipe site, which helps people with functional gut disorders expand their diet! Create meal plans that nourish, stabilize and calm symptoms. Angela is on a mission to prevent SIBO sufferers from unnecessarily going on a restrictive diet and to help those who have been stuck on a restrictive diet for too long, expand their diet.

Angela earned a BS in psychology and an MS in Nutrition Science from Bastyr University, where she has also taught clinical practice and business development and still mentors nutrition and dietetic students. She is a licensed health care provider with the State of Washington, and a Level Two Heart Zones Trainer. Angela has advanced training, completing over 3500 continuing education credits focused in the areas of functional medicine, detoxification, digestion and immune/ inflammation.

Beyond Angela’s 16 years in practice and expertise with SIBO, research is her passion. Here are the conferences that she is enrolled in:

  • Environmental Health Symposium – Toxic Metal Effects: Diagnosis & Treatment; Environmental Impacts on Long COVID
  • Eco-Cellcore – Functional Medicine and Carbon Technology
  • Cogence Immunology – 12 Month Advanced Certification in Immunology
  • Kharrazian Institute of Functional Neurology – Gut Health Course Certification
  • Kharrazian Institute of Functional Neurology – Food Sensitivities – Solving the Puzzle
  • Microbiome Keynote Conference

She is also a featured speaker in the SIBO SOS summit and Digestion SOS Docuseries, Galls Bladder and Liver Summit, and the only speaker who’s spoken at all 5 summits!